Streamlining Your Adjusting Needs

We stay on the cutting edge of procedure, protocol and policy language. Our number one priority is customer satisfaction, from the carrier to the insured or claimant. We make every effort to streamline the entire claim process and make it as smooth as possible.

Ideal Adjusting, Inc.

Desk Examiner

I just thought I would share, I called the insured on this claim to inform them that their claim was approved etc. and he told me how great the IA was that came out and performed the estimate. He said the IA was so informative in regards to his policy etc., and he really appreciated it. He noted that he had already contacted his agent to up his coverage on his other structures, due to him not knowing he was possibly under-insured.

I just thought I would share this good news and please pass along our appreciation to adjuster for really making this insured happy!!!

Catastrophe Manager

I would like to thank Ideal Adjusting for their great service during the catastrophe. We have thousands of insureds that were affected by the storm and we contact them for help. Needless to say, they were more than willing to help and did a great job for us during our time of need.

Claims Manager

Ideal Adjusting has been handling claims for us for 13+ years. They’ve always been extremely patient, friendly and helpful to our insureds, which means a lot to our policyholders and claims team. We are very glad to have a business relationship with Ideal Adjusting and Thankful for the helping hand they provide us to extend to our insureds.

Regional Vice President of Claims

We brought Ideal Adjusting onto our IA panel over 10 years ago and have been very pleased with the professional service and knowledge they’ve provided. The first event working with Ideal Adjuster was a major tornado that major damage to our insured’s properties. Ideal Adjusting was able to provide us with a team of adjusters that helped our team’s process run very smooth and efficient. We receive our insured’s estimates in a timely manner, which made our payment process move faster. We are proud of the partnership with Ideal Adjusting and excited about the growth opportunities for the future.